Multiple implants in Wakefield

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Wakefield teeth implants

Essex Street Dental Care is your number one dental office for Wakefield teeth implants. If you are looking for multiple implants, you’ve come to the right place. We’re open Monday through Thursday, and patients can connect with us through Facebook and on our website. Thanks to strides in dental technology, implants can now replace missing teeth and help to reverse tooth loss.

Wakefield teeth implants

Implants are a great way to avoid bone loss. Because they’re cost effective and affordable, patients can avoid the need for dentures later on down the line. First, we’ll check your teeth to see if you’re a candidate for implants. Some people may not be because of a lack of bone or gum, which is needed in order to place the implant. A bone graft is the solution to this for your Wakefield teeth implants. The procedure takes bone from either the patient or a donor site, and fuses it to the patient’s jaw in a biocompatible process. After the bone graft, new bone is formed and there is then enough bone to place the implant.  

At Essex Street Dental Care, we believe all people should have access to quality dental care and procedures. That’s why we offer our dental implants and our  procedures at competitive prices, so that we can help you budget for your dental procedure. We’ll make sure we find a plan that works and one that fits your budget. For more information, call our offices to find out more about implants and how we can help you have better, whiter, straighter and healhtier teeth today. We serve patients of all ages, from adults, children and families, and help handle their dental needs in a compassionate and caring office environment. Our office in Saugus is open Monday through Friday.